Bistro Baron Truly French Bistro

If you imagine French cuisine, you surely will imagine a luxurious restaurant with fine dining concept. But apparently, in Jakarta, there is also French restaurant with Bistro concept, which is relaxing but also classy. Bistro Baron located in Plaza Indonesia, ground floor. Bistro itself in France is a name for a small restaurant that serves simple yet delicious food. The food serves in Bistro is a homemade food, as well as in Bistro Baron.

Going to Bistro Baron, you will find a soothing blue colour dominant on the outside. There is also the menu name written in French, that makes you feel like in France. The pretty red umbrella decorates the table outside restaurant. When you go inside, you will find a classic atmosphere with red sofa in every corner of it. There is also a bar where all alcoholic beverages made. Outside the door, you will find the table with the red umbrella also. This place is a smoking area. You can find the breezy wind while enjoying Sudirman street here. Very comfortable and relaxing.

The cuisine which is offered in this restaurant is an authentic French cuisine, that you can find also in that ‘perfume’ country. From all the signature dishes in this restaurant, we tasted Pecan Crusted Fillet. This menu consists of tenderloin with pecan nuts on the top of it. Pecan nuts are mixed with butter, garlic, bread crumb, and also fresh herbs. These ingredients are mixed and put in the molds and served on the top of tenderloin. Pecan nuts are really tasty, with the tenderness of tenderloin. Around the tenderloin, there are cocktail roast potato, fine cherry tomato, sautee mix mushroom, and also puff pastry with spinach and cream. This menu completed with bordelaise sauce, French sauce made from Bordeaux red wine. To make this menu more beautiful, the chef add a rosemary leaf.

As a dessert, served in front of us, Pavlova. Pavlova is a typical french dessert with sorbet as a main ingredient. Pavlova consists of marangue (eggwhite and sugar baked until solid) and lemon sorbet in the top of it. To make this menu more interesting, there is a fench-shaped chocolate in the top of it. As a garnish, there is sliced strawberry, and also mixberry sauce with piece of chocolate on the top. This dessert is so beautiful, with red and white dominant colour. In addition, the menu is really fresh and a little bit sour.

For beverage, Orange Press packaged in an unique bottle accompanied our lunch. Orange Presse is an orange juice with little piece of orange fruit.

Besides the menu that given to us, there are also other signature dishes, for example Soupe à l’Oignon (onion soup) and Terrine de foie-gras (Foie gras with its original form) as an appetizer. For main course, the customers love to serve Confit de Canard, Steak Frites, Cote de Boeuf, Snapper or Baron Burger. Meanwhile, for the dessert, chef recommendations are Churros a la Cannele or Tarte aux Pommes.

Indulge your appetite with French cuisine. Bon Appetit!

Bistro Baron
Plaza Indonesia Extension Level 1 Unit E20-E21
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Tel: (62 21) 2992 3505
Cuisine: French

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